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Program in Fundamental Neuroscience

Understanding the complexities of the human experience has always included a fundamental understanding of the organ system – the nervous system – that makes us uniquely human. The University of Virginia has significantly contributed to building a deep neuroscience presence in this country and has been at the forefront of neuroscience research and training. The Program in Fundamental Neuroscience capitalizes on this foundation and combined with the exceptional talent, creativity, passion, and fearlessness of our faculty and students, uses our innovation and ingenuity to create a preeminent training environment. By building a new model of neuroscience training and research at UVA in the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, we will rapidly change how knowledge is created and disseminated. Our labs are passionate about how the most complex organ system in the body develops, functions, is maintained, and is changed by aging, injury, and disease. We ask fundamental questions across our discipline that span model organism, age, nervous system location, and disease. By integrating across the spectrum of neuroscience, from molecules to the mind, UVA and the Program in Fundamental Neuroscience are poised to tackle the great challenges of this discipline and train the neuroscience leaders of the future.